You may have a leg prothesis but you are not able to or do not want to use it in certain situations:

  • at home or in a hotel - when you quickly have to go to the toilet at night
  • when your prothesis needs to be cleaned, serviced or repaired
  • when your prothesis occasionally does not fit or when you sweat in it ...
The genuS Kneewalker can be turned into a LEGWALKER and thus help to solve this problems!
The only condition is that you are allowed to put weight on your leg stump.

With THE alternative walking aid, the genuS Legwalker, you will receive more mobility and safety as you stand and walk:

  • it reduces the weight load on wrists, elbows and shoulders
  • your healthy leg is less strained; your hip does not suffer because one-sided weight bearing is stopped
  • while you are standing, both your hands can be free 
    (learn more from the video)
  • You are experienced? Then you can walk with only one crutch with the Legwalker! The other hand can remain free! (learn more from the video)

The genuS Legwalker can be used also in connection with a silicone liner. When you order please choose, if the genuS Legwalker is intended for the left or the right leg!

The Legwalker is waterproof and is a reasonable alternative to an expensive swim prothesis or a wheel chair! It solves all typical crutch problems like pain in shoulders, wrists and hands!

Please order the Legwalker only in cooperation with your personal orthotist!