You may suffer from an injury or disease of your foot and have to use crutches until you recover completely.
Due to the fact that you use crutches you may also be afflicted with pain in your back, shoulders, arms, elbows and wrists.

The genuS Kneewalker can help to ease this pain!
The only condition is that you are able to bend the knee of the injured leg and that you can put weight on it.

With the genuS Kneewalker - THE alternative walking aid - you will receive more mobility and safety as you stand and walk:

  • it reduces the weight load on wrists, elbows and shoulders
  • your healthy leg is less strained; your hip does not suffer because one-sided weight bearing is stopped
  • while you are standing, both your hands can be free
  • You are experienced? Than you can walk with only one crutch with the kneewalker! The other hand can remain free! (learn more from the video)

Solves all typical crutch problems like pain in shoulders, wrists and hands!
Fewer limitations to your habits and life quality!

For the use for the left and the right leg, you do not have to choose left or right when you order.